Monday, June 8, 2009

Group sex slang term 'bunning' added to dictionary

BUNNING - the slang word for group sex made infamous by Matthew Johns and the Cronulla Sharks - will live on forever after being added to the latest edition of the Macquarie Dictionary.
Publisher Sue Butler said the contribution from the rugby league sex scandal, which took place in a Christchurch hotel in 2002 but only exploded into the public arena earlier this year, will join 1000 other new words in a November edition.
Australiana's newest words range from slang to scientific terms, The Sunday Telegraph reports.
"The dictionary has become a record of language and words in common use," Ms Butler said.
Linguistics expert Dr Marie-Therese Jensen said common words such as "bunning" should be in the dictionary, even if their meanings were offensive.
"If the word is in use, then whether it's offensive or derogatory or positive, it should be in the dictionary," Dr Jensen said.

"It is about recognising words that are used sufficiently often."
But "Kings Cross Bogan" Clare Werbeloff has reason to be disappointed, with the term "chk chk boom" not being considered for the new Macquarie.
Other words to make the cut include "tweeting," the act of sharing thoughts and comments with a group of friends over the Net.
"Although it was something created by Twitter, it has probably escaped them," Ms Butler said.
Other new inclusions are "noddy" (someone who always answers yes) and "dandruff acting" (a specific drama method to show discomfort, used in soap operas and the like).
The word "culturalism" can now be used when talking about discrimination by culture and "climbing asparagus" describes a new form of introduced weed.
New words are often gathered online using Google and other techniques, and words are rarely dropped from the dictionary once they are in, Ms Butler said.

Dad's assault leaves baby with 38 broken bones

A 34-year-old man from the West Australian town of Albany has admitted to bashing his three month old son, leaving him with 38 broken bones.

In the District Court in Perth, Jonathon Stephen Lowe pleaded guilty to a charge of causing aggravated grievous bodily harm.

The court heard he injured the baby during a series of assaults over two weeks in early 2007.

During an earlier hearing a police prosecutor told the Albany Magistrate's Court staff at Princess Margaret Hospital had described the baby's injuries as the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen.

The child is now in foster care and his mother is only allowed supervised access visits.

Lowe is due to be sentenced on August 7.

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